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In this video, we give an overview of what you can expect when you work with anyone at Prime Real Estate Group. The ability to work together with each agent at Prime is crucial in delivering the success that all of our clients have felt when buying or selling their homes. We pride ourselves in providing the type of support that allows our agents to succeed and give their best for their clients.

Prime Real Estate Group gives a tour of a property that is a beautiful home located on the South Hill in Spokane, WA. Melissa touches on travel time to some key spots around the Spokane area. The property also features a pool, hot tub, and an illuminated sport court. This property was designed by renowned architect Samuel Sloan. This home was designed to entertain and provide more than enough natural lighting from all the big open windows that were included in the build.

This video discusses the Prime Real Estate Experience, and what it is like working at Prime in the Spokane,WA area. Melissa highlights that real estate agents are problem solvers and look forward to the challenge of finding a buyer for selling a home, and finding a home when someone is looking to buy their next home. A highlight with working with Prime is that it is a locally owned and run company, that means that by working with Prime, you are supporting local businesses. Melissa is excited for the future, where Prime continues to grow and serve Spokane Washington , Coeur d’Alene Idaho, and the surrounding areas.

In our Prime Real Estate Group buyer video, Melissa discusses how buyers should approach the market in December 2018. These pointers, and myths being addressed should be thought about and followed in a majority of circumstances. Melissa addresses myths such as “I should rent instead of buy due to the market”, and “this market is too expensive”. If you have questions regarding when or if it is a good time to buy, reach out to a Prime Agent.

In this video Prime Real Estate Group highlights the new Kendall Yards neighborhood in Spokane, WA. Take a look at the homes, businesses, and other features that are at your disposal when you live in this area. They highlight a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in the neighborhood while showcasing the views and walking trails that are also at your disposal.

Prime Real Estate Group provides a video to discuss and address some myths that have to deal with what sellers “believe” they go through or need to be prepared for when looking to sell their home. The stats and data used in this video has to deal with the housing marketing in Spokane around December 2018. If you have any questions, Prime looks forward to assisting you and providing an answer.

Prime Real Estate Group highlights a local business called Raising The Bar. The owner, Renee Cebula a Cocktail Historian, discusses what goes in to learning about historical cocktails and the excitement she has about continuing to learn. This business has been in Spokane, WA for 8+ years now.

Sit down with Melissa Murphy as she sits down with Josh Quisenberry and find out what drew him to Prime Real Estate Group and being a Real Estate Agent. Josh outlines what allows him to be different and be someone that his clients can look to for answers and how to best achieve their goals. He shares some stories on how he was able to best serve his clients and achieve their goals.

Melissa Murphy sits down with Julie Shenyer and they discuss on how they came together to build a top performing property management company. With so many referrals, their business is booming. When looking to invest in real estate, it is important to partner with a property manager that you can trust and shares the same vision.

Follow Melissa Murphy as she takes a tour around a luxury home that is a coastal classic. She highlights all the small details that makes this home, one that shouldn’t be forgotten. Amy Tilton drew inspiration from her childhood home to bring this house to life. The highlight of this house is the theater room, as well as high efficient gas and electricity units. The kitchen features oversized cabinets so that there never is a short in storage. This house is meant to truly feel like a dream home for a family.

Melissa Murphy discusses and welcomes people that are new to real estate. She discusses some tips when it comes to being a real estate agent. It is important to be honest with yourself on if you are motivated to be successful as a real estate agent. Second, reach out and ask questions about the industry and find out if it is a good fit for you before getting started. Third, know your budget. Figure out what your necessary income is and ask yourself what you would need to make in a month, to give yourself a month or two of income due to real estate being a 100% commission based business. Fourth, consider maintaining your current job before transitioning so that you have a safety net as you learn the ropes and get a handle on what your average income is in the beginning. Next, start today. Begin building those potential clients so that when you do start, you can be ready to hit the ground running. Last, research brokerages. It is important to find one that works best for you and your goals. Be sure to take the time being diving in.

In May 2019, Melissa sat down and discussed what the market was doing and if it was a trend, or just a fad. One tip she shares with us, is that in general it is best to get ready to sell around March 1st, of the beginning of spring. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, reach out to Prime Real Estate group for assistance in navigating this market no matter when you are seeing this video.

Melissa Murphy, Owner of Prime Real Estate Group, discusses the difference on fixing and/or flipping a house. One of the biggest factors is neighborhood choice. They play a big part on your ability to sell your home down the road. Be sure to talk to an expert to make sure that you properly are able to prepare and finance your project. Next, be sure to interview subcontractors to find the best one for your job. This can be a busy project and any delays can cost thousands of dollars. Consider the end goal for each project. Will it become a selling opportunity, a long-term rental, or an AirBnB/VRBO, all of these are possibilities and it is important to pick the best one for each individual project.

Melissa Murphy, owner of Prime Real Estate, sits down with Tim Waggoner, Prime real estate agent and investor. Tim discusses what it is like working in property investment and highlights what he enjoys with working on projects like flipping homes. Tim discusses the advantages that he has since he is a licensed real estate agent, as well as familiar with house needs when it comes to inspecting a new home.

Melissa Murphy sits down with Angela Petersen, Prime Real Estate Group’s CFO to introduce her and how she continues to provide her expertise to Prime long-term. Angela discusses the different hats she wears, as well as how she finds joy in it all. Angela continues to find joy in how every day is different and how she continues to motivate the people around her to do their best. She touches on how working remote does have its pros, however acknowledges there are benefits to going into the office when possible.

Melissa sits down with Shawny Le, Prime Real Estate agent. A new member to the team and what she brings to the table as having a background in financial investment. She discusses how being creative with real estate investments can set you up long-term and really make a difference with your financial goals. Shawny is heavily involved in local groups that help motivate people to do better in their personal lives, as well as their financial goals.