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Minimalist Ideals

img_3658 We packed light. Well, light for two people who still are slightly attached to things. The fact that we went from two large checked bags for our most recent trip to only one checked item for the both of us is impressive. Justin woke up this am and repacked our bags carefully. Folding or rolling each item in their proper place. Our roles have been clearly defined. I work, he carrying the bags. And packs them should be added to this climbing the pyramids of the Mayans in Cancun and J commented that he liked the skull head tourist figures. He then joked that he better take a picture because he knew it wasn’t coming home with us.

Flashback to our first trip to Target. On a mission as I typically am, I had my agenda. White cranberry juice, pear juice, plastic silverware. All before our company Christmas party. As we rush to the juice isle, I utter. . . white cranberry, white cranberry, white cranberry as I scan up and down the labels. Justin grabs for a juice of orangish nature, and I ask if he found it. No, but it looked good he explaimed.  By the time we get to the checkout stand, I find a star wars ornament, caramel cluster nut mix, orange juice, hand soap and a white porcelain bulldog cookie jar or doggie treat jar: however, you want to interpret it. Apparently, Justin didn’t know me during my purge anything is sight stage.

2016 was a year of simplicity for me.  Experiences over things has been my mantra.  “Love people, use things.”


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