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Cuba: Undiscovered Gem

Why did Justin and I want to go to Cuba?

I had seen photos of a friends trip and was intrigued. Similar to my experience visiting communist Myanmar, formerly known as Burma shortly after the travel ban lifted, I yearned for more experiences in non-touristy destinations. Escaping from the high-priced glossy tourist traps seemed ideal offering new landscape and cultural experiences. Vagabonding by Ralph Potts is a book I acquired years ago which detailed the options that abound for a traveler willing to look beyond the traditional domestic travel choices. California, Arizona, Hawaii and Florida are top of mind when I think of preference American hot spots. Potts argues that traveling to lesser-known locales stretches your dollar farther without sacrificing experience. Flashing back to my travels in Myanmar, I recall the breakfast with unlimited coffee in small cups, and several pastries, leaving you sufficiently full for only three US dollars. $4 with a tip. We eagerly booked flights to Cancun reading that entry into Cuba from this international destination is a preferred method for Americans, allowing entry without reason. Online research indicated that departing to Havana from the United States; one must provide a reason for the travel such as humanitarian, medical or journalistic reasons.

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