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Cold Weather Tips For Cold Weather Sellers

Cold Weather Tips

No matter what the weather, the Spokane real estate market keeps marching along. Selling a home at this time of year can be a lot of fun because there’s considerably less competition for the buyers that are out there. You want to make sure that those potential home buyers have the best possible experience when viewing the house, of course, and Prime Real Estate Group has a few suggestions to offer to help you do just that:

  • Make sure potential buyers and the real estate agents are safe on your property. This means that you’ll want to shovel the walks if necessary and possibly put down some de-icer. Make sure that floors inside the house don’t get overly slick when wet, too, because it’s possible that buyers and agents will be coming in with snow or rain on their boots.
  • Speaking of dirty shoes…It might be a good idea to ask agents and their clients to remove their shoes when viewing the home. If that seems too uncomfortable, you could also supply those little booties that go over visitors’ shoes. This shows that you care about the condition of your home but may be more convenient than the alternative.
  • The weather may be cold and dark, but that’s certainly not the impression you want buyers to get of your home. Keep the heat turned up to a nice comfortable level and make sure there are plenty of lights on all throughout the house. You might even go so far as to light a fire in the fireplace to up the “cozy” factor.
  • Keep winter gear under control. If your family tends to shed their coats, hats, boots, gloves, scarves, snow pants, ear muffs, etc., etc., at the front door, you’ll need to work with them to find a tidier approach. No buyer wants to walk in to be greeted by a pile of wayward snow gear.

Remember, showing a home—no matter what time of year—is about providing the buyer with a great experience that allows him or her to imagine how wonderful it would be to come home to every day. Real estate agents in Spokane understand that there are some extra considerations that need to be made for selling a home in winter, but we also know that it’s definitely worth it!

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