Heather Matthias
Heather Matthias
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Spokane Realtor Heather Matthias brings her passion for real estate complemented by her background in finance and IT to the local property marketplace. Heather relocated to the Spokane area with her husband Robert in 2013. Since then, the pair have taken on multiple investment and renovation projects, fulfilling their real estate investment goals. Heather entered the real estate market to help her clients achieve their real estate dreams too. Her ability to unravel investment complexities and provide real-time risk analysis allows her to help clients make informed decisions about buying and selling property throughout the Spokane region.

Heather is enthusiastic about helping her clients connect their investment decisions with what matters most--their personal life, their family, and their future plans. Having learned first hand, time and time again, about the ups and downs of the real estate marketplace, she has the experience that clients rely on as they navigate the buying and selling process. Heather has a knack for sidestepping pitfalls and leading clients to the end result they're hoping for.

Clients depend on Heather's real estate expertise and knowledge of the latest real estate trends and resources. She understands how to make use of the industry's best digital tools to help clients find properties that meet their needs and budget and to market properties online for an advantageous sale. Clients are often relieved when they meet Heather and discover how personable she is--how committed she is to learning about her clients' needs and preferences so she can deliver the best property matches.

Many buyers and sellers enter the real estate market with questions and concerns. They may feel overwhelmed and weighed down by the complexities of this intricate marketplace. Heather simplifies the complexities, helping each client move forward confidently--knowing their goals are Heather's goals too. Heather is accessible and is eager to work with new clients.